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Space Climate Symposium, September 19-22, 2022

Krakow, Poland
Fully on-site meeting

Space Climate 8 Meeting Abstract

Relationships between strong geomagnetic storms and electric grid failures in Poland using the geoelectric field as a GIC proxy during the first half of the Solar Cycle 24

Agnieszka Gil (Siedlce University)

Monika Berendt-Marchel (Siedlce University), Renata Modzelewska (Siedlce University), Szczepan Moskwa (AGH), Agnieszka Siluszyk (Siedlce University), Marek Siluszyk (Siedlce University), Lukasz Tomasik (Space Research Centre, PAS), Anna Wawrzaszek (Space Research Centre, PAS), and Anna Wawrzynczak (Siedlce University)

The subject of our studies are intense geomagnetic storms (Dst < -100nT) observed during the first half of the Solar Cycle 24 . These type of geomagnetic storms appeared only a few times. They were primarily associated with southwardly directed heliospheric magnetic field Bz and preceded by halo or partial halo coronal mass ejecta. Using various methods, such as self-organizing maps, statistical and superposed epoch analysis, we show that during and right after intense geomagnetic storms there is a growth in the number of transmission line failures. We also look at the temporal changes in the number of failures during 2010-2014 and find that the growing linear tendency of the occurrence of electrical grid failures is possibly related to solar activity. Finally, we compare these results with the geoelectric field calculated for the region of Poland using one-dimensional layered conductivity Earth model.

Mode of presentation: oral (Need to be confirmed by the SOC)

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